Reconstructive Burn Surgery

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Burned patient's, with severe burns, need the care of a qualified burn BSTTW Translations Gadgets powered by Google surgeon, due to their medical needs from the burns. The patient usually needs the surgeons care till the end of the full course the treatment and even after that for many years later.

The burn surgeon should know how to do escharotomy for cases of circumferential deep burns of the chest or limbs. Escharotomy helps to prevent problems due to inadequate chest expansion during inspiration or peripheral ischemia in the limbs. This should be done immediately after admission to the burn unit and before the edema occurs. Edema can jeopardize the blood supply to the periphery of the areas that were burned.

The word deep burn means full thickness skin burn, which is also called 3rd degree burns. A superficial burn or partial thickness skin burn, 2nd degree burns, usually will not need escharotomy because the elastic fibers which are already present naturally in the depth of the skin is not burned. It well permit skin expansion during inspiration or due to edema. A partial thickness burn usually heals within 3 weeks & does not need any grafting procedures.

How is the Procedure Performed?

Non-operative therapies might involve scar massage, application of pressure garments, or other topical therapies. The fitting of pressure garments is usually coordinated with an Occupational Therapist. Within the O.T. department, there are also hand therapists to assist with rehabilitation of hand burns and scars. Operative therapy consists mainly of scar release procedures. Once a tight scar is released, the opening in the skin must be repaired-the Plastic Surgeon uses a variety of techniques to close these wounds. Skin grafts, skin rearrangement ("Z-plasty"), and more complex flaps could be required, depending on the location of the scar and the desired outcome. Most minor procedures are performed as outpatient surgery, but the larger grafts and flaps will likely require an inpatient stay.

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