Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

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Enhancing the appearance women and men uses ear jewelry. Many other accessories are used to enhance the beauty of ears since ancient times. Sometimes various parts are cleft to better hold these items. Unluckily significant weight can pull through tissue. A tear in the portion leaves a cleft in the otherwise smooth continuous edge. This check is hard to cover with hair or clothing because it is very visible.

Those whose ears stick out farther than they would like can get an idea of the possibilities of otoplasty by simply pulling their ears closer to their heads in front of a mirror. As you will see, the improvement in appearance from this simple procedure can be dramatic.

What preventions can take?

Very small wires that hold jewelry can break through the tissue when sharply pull with enough pressure. Young children take jewelry and pullout. Their little hands tear more easily the larger loops and bigger items. . Heavy items will gently fill the hole and eventually will tear through the lobe. Greater masses have more energy due to this damage can take place more easily during activity .So whenever wear heavy jewelry, be careful about quick movements. Lighter smaller accessories are safer than heavy jewelries. 

Approaches of reconstruction

Most of the time ear holes are gradually increases. Through a small piece of tissue at the bottom of the ear, the final tear is usually occurs. Instant improvement will not take care of the skin capped hole, If only the bottom is actually slit. Whenever if the tear starts from a tiny break hole, instant recovery is possible. On the other hand improvement takes time after the cut has cure and tissues are not incited . On the basis of asymmetry, improvement can take different. With the help of all procedures, the skin filling the hole taken out creating a raw edge to repair. 


  • Layered closureUsing a combination of dissolvable stitches in the deeper layers, the raw edges are heel directly and skin stitches dissolvable that are removed after some time. At the present time, no prearrangements are possible for jewelry hole. It can be possible that after several months of filling, the ear can be cut again if desired. This type of cessation has increased the risk of scar abbreviation causing a notch at the bottom of the ear after filling.
  • "Z-plasty" flapFlapping is the process of cutting of tissues in a special pattern and moved with its blood supply. They are reorganizing tissue and carve the shape of the ear. Flaps reduce the chance of scar notching. If you want, the ear could be cut at a later date. A small piece of cartilage gather from the same ear and fill up the hole below may reduce the future chance of re-splitting of ear hole.
  • "Jelly roll flap” No. of flaps are designed and moved to repair both the skin hole for the jewelry and close the ear in one stage.

Postoperative care

Need to wash your injury with soap and water daily. After that apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment only. You will have to be very careful when washing your hair with blow dryers until sensation returns. Stitches are removed in about 1 weak.

After choosing the layered closure or "Z-plasty" flap can I get my ear cut?

If you want a new pierced cut and your ear has been closed, wait for six months after the surgery. The scar should be soft before you try this.

Scar care

The injury starts out inflexible. After stitches have been removed It is advised to massage the scar with simple Vaseline for 15 minutes in a day starting two weeks. This massage can soften the scar over time.

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